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Piano and Other Teachers

Piano Teachers

Julie Askernia: 570-640-4578
Braun School: 570-622-2724
Bernadette Dutton: 570-622-2250
Beverly Eiche: 570-366-0277
Marie Piaskowski: 570-889-3825
Kim Rismiller HS Music Teacher: 570-628-9517
Kim Seibert: 570-624-1462
Barbra Stanell: 570-874-1056
Kim Wckoff: 570-385-5969
Collene Slovick HS Music Teacher C/O: 570-544-4761
Schuylkill County Council of the Arts: 570-622-2788

String Teachers

Wood String Academy: 570-943-2610
Kathy Miller: 570-943-2102

Horn and Wood Wind Teachers

Anthony Kurdilla: 570-874-2950
Braun School: 570-622-2724

Organ Teachers

Mike Kuener C/O: 570-622-9910

Vocal Teachers

Braun School: 570-622-2724
Cora Osenbach: 570-366-2963
Kim Seibert: 570-624-1462


Foltin's Music: 570-628-4829
Kim Seibert: 570-624-1462

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